A week of discoveries amid the deadlines

By Roselyn Bali

I was going through emails like any other day when I came across an invite from NextGenRadio inviting me to a one-week training. I decided to sign up, telling myself this would be a great experience learning process for my career.

I was accepted and introduced to my mentor, the amazing and brilliant Claire Caulfield. She became a big sister to me each day, teaching and guiding me throughout with the help of Kuʻu Kauanoe. Whenever I had doubts I would always ask Claire.

Each day went well, from learning about visuals, learning to operate the microphone, how to angle a subject, record room tone, upload audio and transcribing. Step by step.

Editing using Audacity was probably the most difficult part cause it was my first time using it, but I tried my best to edit whatever I could during the process. Then Claire edited my interview recordings, my audio scripts and my web story. She was an amazing helper and very understanding and I learned so much from her.

I found it interesting that when writing audio scripts, we read it does look OK, but when we hear the audio it doesn’t make sense at all. So it’s best to go back and have a run through both the audio and the scripts so that both flow nicely.

I am grateful and very happy to be part of The USP NextGenRadio project. It has taught me to step out of my comfort zone, to have courage and believe in myself. Being part of this project has also helped me gain some journalism experience that I’m able to use in the future.

Despite the stressful week, the one important thing I’ve learned from this project is that time management is very important. When work is given, a journalist always ensures that it is done and submitted on time.

I appreciate each and every person in this project, from the managing editor, audio engineer, visuals editor and mentors for their teachings, helping in all ways and for their hard work throughout the week.

Vinaka Vakalevu & hoping to see you again in the next USPNEXTGENRADIO:slightly_smiling_face:

By Roselyn Bali

Roselyn Bali is a senior journalism major at the University of the South Pacific, Laucala campus. She writes for the student newspaper Wansolwara and decided to pursue journalism because she is passionate about listening to and sharing people’s stories. She loves traveling, socializing, Polynesian and hula dancing, and watching Korean dramas.

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