NextGen offered unique challenges and memorable successes

By Kelera Ditaiki

Life is full of unexpected circumstances and experiences — that is just what NextGenRadio has provided me during this project. The week before the NextGenRadio project started I was on Vanua Levu island where there were adverse weather conditions making it hard to travel. Given the weather, that I did not have proper equipment to carry out my research and compile the story, I asked myself, how and where would I do this project? Fortunately, I managed to arrive to Viti Levu, the other mainland, and carry out my project.

The day of the interview was one of the most challenging days for me personally. To begin, I was supposed to do the interview on Tuesday but I couldn’t due to heavy rain and flooding. I was exhausted, panicked, and even nervous. I was supposed to carry out the interview on Tuesday and if I do not, the project would have been delayed. However, great thanks goes to my mentor Isabeth Mendoza for keeping in touch and encouraging me. Throughout the week before heading out she would always say, “You got this.” That was encouraging enough for me to complete my story. 

NextGenRadio has given me the opportunity to go into the field and get hands-on experience. I’m not a great photographer nor a confident person when conversing with new people. Yet, I was never pressured to do something I was not comfortable with. I appreciate the NextGenRadio project for bringing me out of my comfort zone and letting me overcome my fears. 

By Kelera Ditaiki

Kelera Ditaiki is a senior studying journalism and politics at the University of the South Pacific. She loves journalism because she always learns something new about the people or places that stories take her to. Ditaiki doesn't consider herself an outgoing person so she appreciates that journalism brings her out of her comfort zone. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching mystery documentaries.

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