Learning to pay attention and be patient

By Akansha Narayan

The first thing that I learned with this workshop, and about myself, was to be more patient with myself. There were so many things that I got to do for the first time and that was a whole new learning experience for me. 

This story was challenging for me and it demanded my commitment and time in order to get the story I was looking for. This workshop has taught me to ask for help if there is a need to, take care of myself and manage my time wisely. 

I was fortunate enough to work with a really great mentor who taught me in any way possible, she believed in me, and made me feel that I was able to do it. She always made sure that I did not lose hope and I actually had a lot of fun. And I actually got to learn a lot. 

NextGenRadio has taught me though that someone ordinary, any everyday person who is speaking about their everyday situations and the challenges they face in their everyday life has value.  The impact of climate change is something that people do not usually talk about or are even aware of so even when they’re facing it, they don’t know that climate change is something that needs to be discussed. 

I have enjoyed learning to interview subjects in their own space and wherever they were, in their own environment, within their own routines, and sharing whatever they are facing and what is happening with them. 

Most importantly, I have learned to be okay with failures because if you fail then you always have a chance to learn something new that can help you correct your mistakes.

By Akansha Narayan

Akansha Narayan is a final year student at the University of the South Pacific majoring in journalism and literature and language. She has worked as a radio jockey for the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation and Communications Fiji Limited and aspires to be a journalist. She is passionate about writing more about women empowerment, mental health, gender equality, body shaming, gender based violence and the right to education. She is a strong believer in the importance of mental health and she believes that it is OK to not be OK all the time. She enjoys listening to music and writing blogs in her free time. She is very connected to herself and her emotions and she will forever be that girl who gets really excited when the sky is in pretty colors.

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